Activismo PSD Calais Jungle volunteer 2015

Its been nearly a month (Dec 2015) since I went to ‘The Jungle’ the refugee camp Calais. I have tried many times to write about an experience that will remain with me all my life. I still cannot process adequately or come to terms with my emotions, my disbelief in what I saw and experienced in just 4 short days. Every time I read a post about the plight of these our fellow human beings I find it difficult not to well up with tears, tears of anger and frustration. The first day after I had been in the camp seeing and meeting the people, the wonderful Afghan Cafe, the volunteers (the Library, the Dome), all those who have committed so much, given their time and kindness. To see the harsh realities of this camp, witness what people have been reduced to beggar belief, I could never have imagined such an outrage. People do not leave home unless they have to, risk their children alone (parents died on the journey), have lost everything, like the man who showed me a photo of his son lying dead in a city street. If you had asked me whilst I had the luxury of Leffe beer later that evening how I was I would have cried. I still feel like crying now. You will not believe that this is happening just a few short miles from the UK in a country that claims to be civilized, democratic, tolerant, caring. A country whose police stand by when refugees are sick and dying asking to go a hospital, Guardians of democracy who tear gas women and children for fun. The first day I was there I walked through a tear gas cloud as there had been ‘an incident” involving ‘migrants’, this is something I would not wish to experience again yet it happens regularly. Why not cry tears, tears of gas, tears of despair, tears for the world we thought we lived in, what it stood for, the idea that thought we were civilized, cultured and fair. Yet in this despair, this other world there are those who give us hope, Do not stay angry become active, practical and objective. Love, Kindness and Peace Pedro

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