Pete Nevin Professional Practice Sample

Sample of Professional Practice

I have worked on many interdisciplinary projects investigating the spaces between areas such as the interactive environment, performance, photography, video, painting and printmaking. I believe that practice should be socially engaged and born of the everyday, relevant to the historical discourse of the time.


CD Cover for EMI Matrix Series 1994


In the early part of 1990’s Illustrator/designer working on some experimental projects such as the EMI Matrix series of new classical 20th century music, composers such as Lutuslowski, Pederecki and Neilson, I designed the CD covers/image , Typography & sleeve notes.

‘X Mistakes Y for Z’ Estonia Tallinn September 2002

DSCF0002Pete Nevin ‘X mistakes Y for Z’ Digital Print ‘All Things Electrik’  4 x 3 Metres, installation view

Early 2000’s my work became broader and more experimental, I worked with new technology producing videos and interactive art works, commercial works, at the same time exhibiting paintings and text based pieces made with hot metal type.

‘X mistakes Y for Z’ was a culmination of my thinking and practice of the previous 8 years. The exhibition took its title from Raymond Queneau’s formula describing a common literary situation, many genre’s have an accepted formula that is repeated again and again. Tartu the other main university town in Estonia was a base of the Russian Formalist movement in the 1930’s and their studies into the role of literary devices and ‘scientific’ method influenced me. X Mistakes Y for Z was a three person exhibition with Marko Maetamm and Lucy Harrison in the then National Art Museum of Estonia in Tallinn and was comprised of a number of zones in an oblique homage to Tarkovsky who shot ‘Stalker’ in Tallinn. The exhibition also explored how we as three artists brought up in the Cold War period were shaped by that experience. The zones were a Constructivist reading room, a bar with drawings tacked on the walls, interactive zones, video zones and large hanging vinyl panels printed digitally 4 x 3 metres, we produced a newspaper and gave away prints. It was in many ways a seminal exhibition in Estonia, a wholly narrative based show which started a dialogue on expanded printmaking practice.


Pete Nevin ‘X mistakes Y for Z’ Social Spaces Reading Room


Pete Nevin ‘X mistakes Y for Z’ Video Work ‘Running Man’ Performance on location where part of ‘Stalker’ Tarkovsky was filmed


Pete Nevin ‘X mistakes Y for Z’ Voice activated interactive work 

CNV00029Pete Nevin ‘X mistakes Y for Z’ Letterpress works set and printed in Tallinn Estonia. The typography factory machines and fonts were saved from being scraped through promoting awareness of this vital resource public.

Professional Doctorate 2009-14


Pete Nevin. Professional Doctorate Time Based Work 16 mm Film recorded in the studio 2010


Performance London UK 2012


Pete Nevin 2010. ‘The Knight of The Sad Countenance.’ Digital Photograph.

Pete Nevin ‘Last Man’ 2011 16 mm Film location Tallinn Estonia


Pete Nevin 2004 ‘Red Studio’ 3D Studio Max interactive work 


Pete Nevin 1998 ‘Buena Vista’ Eagle Gallery [catalogue ISBN 0-9531793-4-6] 14 Silkscreen prints, 14 letterpress prints edition of 10


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