Millennium Dome Project (now O2)


1999/2000The Playzone’ Millennium Dome, Greenwich, London UK.

  • Art Direction of all Time-based & Interactive software design
  • Art directed all aspects of the zone from typography to logos
  • 8 promo videos
  • 8 animated video pieces for peppers ghost walkway
  • 5 lenticular works, art directed models for animation set’s
  • 1 x 60 metre animated screenwipe
  • Sound works for interactive works and promos, 1 16mm film.


‘Kids Room2’ front end AfterEffects 16  x 4 back projection


Interactive Furniture Design for ‘Kids Room2’

“Peter Nevin worked on a major project for The New Millennium Experience Company at the Millennium Dome at Greenwich in London in 1999/2000. Land Design Studio were invited to design The Playzone, which was a pavilion, dedicated to ‘future play’.

The solution was to curate installations that were distinctly playful buthad been developed by a group of highly respected International new media artists and practitioners.
Peter Nevin was involved in two installations; ‘Kids Room’ was a sensory environment that enabled groups of children to journey through a digital storybook in response to their presence and interactivity within the room. Peter Nevin collaborated with a team from MIT Media lab to help deliver this extraordinary installation that had to be stable, run for one year, entertaining groups of up to 6 children.
Another task was for him to generate a ‘time out’ feature that involved the creation of ubiquitous graphic treatments that transformed the whole environment in order to implicitly demonstrate the power of digital media.”

2011 Peter Higgins Director Land Design Studio UK

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