Student Work: Level 3 Valence 2011

University of East London

Exhibition Presentation Production   Module Code     DV3002     Credits  40

Sample Student Project: Year 3 2011 Valance [France] Interactive 

Media Book: Project Title, Year 10,000

This project was a dialogue based on the relationship of the tactile aspect of the book and the virtual possibilities of ‘book’ in the future. The starting point was a short story written in1898 by William Harben that is prophetic in that it talks about a virtual world. The project was part of a work based learning project with students engaged in action learning working within the group dynamic.

The project was made possible through the use of on-line services and social network sites. The students worked continually with each other and the tutor using Facebook, Dropbox and You Tube. Although there were regular weekly meetings the majority of the dialogue was conducted online. The resulting work was an interaction between the tactile book, web cam and projector. The Book facilitated the interaction between the viewer and the screen. This project was coded in Flash. During the set up of the project in France, students worked online between the programmer in the UK and those organizing the project in France. This involved giving the programmer access of the desktop of the computer in France.

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