Student Work: Level 1 Introduction to Typography

Introduction to Typography Level 1

Main aim(s) of the Course:

To introduce students to the power, poetry and structure of typographic design and compositional elements in manuscript, basic page layout and on screen.

To alert students to the biographical background of many of the world’s leading type designers, letter cutters and typographic design houses and designers.

To introduce the student to the considerations of space, weight, structure, layout; also to contextualise type from both designed and vernacular sources and composition.

To explore those connections between personal dynamics and individual backgrounds and experience of each student with a study of the life and work of a great typographer, realising the outcome as a typographic layout installation or performance using type media.

To explore a critical dialogue developed by ‘triads’ or workshop groupings of three students, to construct a journal of record to inform the student peer group over 12 weeks.

Main topics of study:

Context and Poetic potential and influence of type

Spatial and layout-based relationships of type

The printed page and the moving image

Hierarchies of type compositional layout and production

The biographies of eight typographers

Analysis of personal experience

Self-information project, data, seminar review, based on links between * above

Example work from The printed page and the moving image Surrealist Automatism short project

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