Student Work: Level 3 Notions of Beauty and Responsible Design.

Year 3  

Module Code DV3100  Graphic Design 3ModuleGuide

Sample Project 1 2009: Notions of Beauty and Responsible Design.

Four-Week Project

Students were given the following information. Student’s then they sent their blog addresses to me at

Project description

You each will create a 30 second video advertisement which you will use only mobile phone technology, online editing and animation software the final work will be posted on YouTube.

All students need to set up a Web presence for this academic year. You can post your work-in-progress to this site. Then I’ll set up a Project blog where we can all access everyone’s work through links to your blogs. And you’ll be able to talk things over via the Facebook site.

The subject of the advertisement is “Notions of Beauty and ResponsibleDesign”. So you’ll need to research the topic yourselves. At the end of four weeks (on 20th October) all students will have created the advertisement that must be viewed online and via You Tube. Here are some links to start you off.

Dove Campaign by Ogilvy Mather

All 30 students completed the project; sample outcomes below

Student A (Low)

Student B (High)

Screen Shot 2015-12-11 at 13.12.09

Student C (Mid)


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